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Michael Griffin Michael Griffin Jan 31, 2021

Short role play on mahatma gandhi in English​

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10 Lines on Mahatma Gandhi in English: Mahatma Gandhi is one of the most recognizable personalities of the 20th century, he was born in 1869. His father was a government official. At the age of 18, Gandhiji was sent to London to study where he was qualified for the barrister. Gandhi was the founder of the Indian Congress in the Natal region of South Africa. In the time magazine, he was named as the man of the year in 1930. He was named ‘Mahatma’ which means great soul after his death. In 1948, 30th January Gandhiji was shot thrice and was killed by the Hindu extremist. He is still an inspirational figure for millions of people. Read on to find more about few lines on Mahatma Gandhi in English and Some Lines about Mahatma Gandhi.

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Jan 31, 2021
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