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What was Macbeth's desire? no |

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Macbeth's main desire in Shakespeare's Macbeth is for ambition.  He wants to be king. 

He is predicted to be king by the witches, but they predict no time-line for his being king.  He doesn't want to wait and see, however, so he immediately thinks of the quickest way to the throne--assassination. 

Being king, however, soon is not enough for Macbeth.  Once he has the throne, he wants more--a dynasty.  At the time he is predicted to be king and Banquo's heirs are predicted to be kings, Macbeth doesn't give Banquo's heirs a second thought.  But once he has the throne, then he wants more.  He wants his heirs to rule. 

Macbeth's desire is for power, and whatever else comes with it. 

Other desires are mentioned at different points in the play--he'd like to get away with what he does and to rule without worries, and he desires that life actually had some meaning in his famous "Tomorrow" speech--but his overwhelming desire is his ambition. 

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