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Sai spent 3/5 of the money he had on clothes and 5/8 of money on books. If he had 330rs left. How to find out how muchwas his salary?please answer I will surely mark you as the brainliest ​

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Incorrect Question

Let the total money that Sai had in the beginning be "x" i.e. his salary be "x"

According to question, He spent 3/5 th of x and 5/8 th of x, and his remaining is 330.

Therefore, the equation will be,

x - 3x/5 - 5x/8 = 330

Now solving this equation,

LCM if 8 and 5 is = 40

Now the equation becomes,

[(40)x - (8)(3x) - (5)(5x)]/40 = 330

multiplying both sides by 40, we get,

40x - 24x -25x = 13200

-9x = 13200

x = -13200/9

=> x = -1466.67

As you see the value of x is coming to be negative, which is impossible as the salary can never be negative.

So let's check the question again.

As you said he spent 5/8 th and 3/5 th of the money and still left with rs 330, which means added 5/8 and 3/5 should be less than 1.0

let's check it then.

5/8 + 3/5 = [5(5) + 3(8)]40 = [25+24]/40 = 49/40

you see the numerator is greater than the denominator, which means that it is more than 1, and the question is incorrect.

Please check the question again.

Lee Woods
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