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What was it like for women during the time period that Death Of A Salesman is set in? |

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This play is set in 1949, just four years after the end of World War II.

During this time, I would day that the following things were important in terms of women's lives:

  • The end of the war meant that women were being put back into traditionally female roles.  Their jobs at factories and such were being given back to men.
  • Along with this, the baby boom was just starting.  Women were having children and this made it harder for women to have a role other than that of mother, especially in those days.
  • In a sense, life was getting easier as America became extremely prosperous and all sorts of appliances became common in American homes.
  • Prosperity often came at the expense of family life, as husbands were made to be more wrapped up in their work.
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