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When you have to talk to your supervisor about a problem, it is a good idea to offer your own ______. A. Solution b. Complaint c. Gossip d. Feedback.

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It is good to give a solution when you have to talk to your supervisor about a problem, it is better to improve a situation than to make it worse. Thus, option A. is the correct answer.

What do you mean by workplace etiquette?

A code that governs the expectations of public conduct in the workplace is called workplace etiquette.

It is always recommended to behave in a discipline order while working in an organization which also includes maintaining a work ethics culture that will help the organization to sustain itself in the long run.

Thus, when an employee has to talk to his/her supervisor about a problem, it's good to offer a solution, which forms part of working workplace etiquette. Option A. is the correct answer.

To learn more about workplace etiquette, refer to the link:

Gaetan Gaetan
May 21, 2022
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