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Dana’s teacher used a four-point rubric to score her essay. Which criterion would give Dana a score of 1 in the Organization category? A. Presents a clear, consistent organizational strategy. B. Presents a clear organizational strategy with only a few inconsistencies C. Demonstrates a lack of organization. D. Shows some organizational structure.

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The correct answer is C. Demonstrates a lack of organization

A rubric is a tool used to assess or evaluate the quality of someone's work such as essays or presentations. Because of this, in educational contexts, rubrics are widely used tools to assess students performance in some task assigned by the teacher. Rubrics are usually charts that work as scoring guides and that contain the criteria to evaluate some specific work, in this way, rubrics usually contain the aspects that will be evaluated such as coherence, development of ideas, grammar accuracy or organization and the levels of performance of these aspects expressed by qualifying words such as excellent, good, needs improvement or by a rate of numbers in which 1 or 0 shows the lowest level of performance. Additionally, each chart of a rubric describes the criterion according to each rate, for example, if you receive a rate of 0 for coherence the criterion for this would be "complete lack of coherence" or "a text that is not logically connected". Considering this, the criterion that would give Dana a score of 1 in the organization category would be "Demonstrates a lack of organization" as a score of 1 is a synonym of the lowest level of performance which means Dana essay is not well organized.

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