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Daly City

Kates• TwoQuestions1. The shepherd hadn't been to school because(i) he was very poor.(ii) there were very few schools in those days.(iii) he wasn't interested in studies.Choose the right answer.2. Who visited the shepherd one day, and why?3. Why did the other governors grow jealous of the shepherd?4. Why was the new governor called to the palace?5. Why was everyone delighted to see the iron chest on thecamel's back?6. (i) What did the iron chest contain?(ii) Why did the shepherd always carry it?(iii) Is it an example of the shepherd's humility or wisdomor both?7. How did the king reward the new governor?​

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a. the iron chest contain an old blanket.

b. the sphered always carried it because it was his only treasure . it would be with him even if his royal robes were taken away some day

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