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I-COMPLETE THE SENTENCES USING THE CORRECT SUPERLATIVEFORM. (14 pts)1) I am___(tall) person in my family.2) Jupiter is___(big) planet in our solar system.3) We bought___(expensive) TV in the store.4) This restaurant serves___(good) food in the city.5) He is___(strange) man in the story.6) Which is___(hot) place on Earth?7) Elephants are___(large) land animals on Earth.8) My friend is___(interesting) person I know.9) Winter is____(cold) season of the year.10) The cheetah is___(fast) land animal.11) The Atacama Desert is____(dry) desert in the world.12) Mount Everest is___(high) mountain in the world.13) The Nile is____(long) river in the world.14) Mary is____(successful) student of the class.​

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1. the tallest

2. the biggest

3. the most expensive

4. the best

5. the most strange

6. hottest

7. the largest

8. the most interesting

9. the coldest

10. the fastest

11. the driest

12. the highest

13. the longest

14. the most successful

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