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Nadezhda Nadezhda May 21, 2022

Which conclusion about the HIV infection of a host cell is best supported by the diagram? A. It takes place outside of living cells. B. It relies on the host cell to reproduce. C. It involves the process of meiosis. D. It requires carbon dioxide.

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The human immune virus cannot reproduce without host cells.

Human immune virus

The human immune virus is an RNA virus that only becomes active in human hosts.

When the virus gains access into a suitable host, it embeds its genome into that of the host and as such, the genetic machinery of the host is utilized to multiply the genome of the virus.

With time, the virus gradually takes over the host's genome system and breaks down their immune system, making them susceptible to diseases.

More on the human immune virus can be found here:

Brasida Brasida
May 21, 2022
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