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Notify the changes arrived in organised sector after arrival of NEP 1991​

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(i) Free determination of interest rate by the commercial Banks:

Under the policy of liberalisation interest rate of the banking system will not be determined by RBI rather all commercial Banks are independent to determine the rate of interest.

(ii) Increase in the investment limit for the Small Scale Industries (SSIs):

Investment limit of the small scale industries has been raised to Rs. 1 crore. So these companies can upgrade their machinery and improve their efficiency.

(iii) Freedom to import capital goods:

Indian industries will be free to buy machines and raw materials from foreign countries to do their holistic development.

(v) Freedom for expansion and production to Industries:

In this new liberalized era now the Industries are free to diversify their production capacities and reduce the cost of production. Earlier government used to fix the maximum limit of production capacity. No industry could produce beyond that limit. Now the industries are free to decide their production by their own on the basis of the requirement of the markets.

(vi) Abolition of Restrictive Trade Practices:

According to Monopolies and Restrictive Trade Practices (MRTP) Act 1969, all those companies having assets worth Rs. 100 crore or more were called MRTP firms and were subjected to several restrictions. Now these firms have not to obtain prior approval of the Govt. for taking investment decision. Now MRTP Act is replaced by the competition Act, 2002.

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