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What do u think, Indira didn’t reply to her father’s letters though she was obviously fond of him. was he right in deciding she had grown selfish?

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The fact that Nan preserved these letters displays their value for her. Nehru was a "friend, philosopher and guide.

No matter whichever part of the world Nehru stayed he made sure that he wrote letters to Nan. The letters portray Nan as the most responsible person Nehru trusted. "....I write to you because you are very dear to me. There are very few persons who really count in my life and you are one of them, and you have brought great comfort to me in moments of trial," admitted Nehru in one of his letters.

The letters reveal the value Nehru attached to the correct usage of words. No wonder, Tom Wrightington rightly observed in a review of The Glimpses of World History that Indians should learn English not from Macaulay or Edward Gibbon, but from Nehru. Nehru's letters were philosophically oriented. In contrast to his letter dated 14 January 1944, written soon after the death of Nan's husband Ranjit, which was most "poignant" of all, his letter of 22 May 1944 was deeply philosophical. Prolific use of Chinese proverbs and anecdotes in his letters proves distinct Chinese influence on him.

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