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What was Nixon's approach to the Vietnam War? |

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Nixon campaigned on getting us out of the Vietnam War.  He recognized the way the political winds were blowing after the Tet Offensive and capitalized on our war weariness, among other things,  to win the election.  Vietnamization made sense to Americans, having the Vietnamese fight a war in their own country instead of us, much as is being argued in Iraq and Afghanistan today.

He also argued Peace with Honor.  That is, he wanted to end the war, but he wanted to win it as well.  He fought it arguably harder than LBJ did, dropping more tons of bombs during his Presidency than LBJ and widening the war to Laos and Cambodia.  He also was more aggressive diplomatically through his Secretary of State Henry Kissinger.

All during the time period 1969 - 1973, Nixon continually drew down American forces from 569,000 to nothing, just as he had promised.

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