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Fort Jones Fort Jones Dec 30, 2020

List out any TEN common observations around you from day to day life where one form of energy changes to other form. Write these energy changes in each observation.Give Me Correct Answer I will mark as Brainlist But Irrelevant answers just for pointswill be reported​

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∆Wind mill:-Wind energy to electrical energy.

∆Radio :-electrical energy to sound energy.

∆Water heater :-Electrical energy to heat energy.

∆solar bike:- Solar energy to mechanical energy.

∆Hydroelectric dam:-Hydro energy to electrical energy.

∆Bulb:- Electrical energy to light energy and heat energy.

∆Burning of coal:-potential energy to fuel energy or mechanical energy.

∆kettle:- Electrical energy to heat energy.

∆ Iron box:- Electrical energy to heat energy.

∆Solar heater:- solar energy to heat energy.

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Dec 30, 2020
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