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I have to do a character in a bag project on Boxer from Animal Farmand I need four household items to represent his character. I already have a nail... |

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I would suggest, in completing a bag project for Boxer from Animal Farm, that you include the following items.

1. Band-aids

The inclusion of band-aids supports Boxer's desire to never hurt anyone. When he accidentally hurts the stable-boy, Boxer shows true remorse. Therefore, the addition of the band-aid would show his inability to desire to hurt anyone, even humans.

2. A button which states: I am a follower.

Boxer is always stating "Napoleon is always right." By this, readers can see that Boxer is a follower and not a leader. The button will provide no question about Boxer's position as a follower.

3. A bottle of glue

While some may find this offensive, it speaks to the age old adage that horses are sent to the slaughterhouse to be made into glue. Given that Napoleon sends Boxer to the slaughterhouse speaks to what some, traditionally, know about them.

4. Picture of a lung with tuberculosis

The fact that Boxer has lung problems has been paralleled with Orwell's own lung issues (tuberculosis).

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