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Hello Medical Office,

This is Amita, a resident of Prem Vihar Colony, Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh. I am writing this letter because my next-door neighbors have COVID-19. They do not want to test for COVID-19 and I think that this is a serious problem. COVID-19 has killed many people within the past year. If they do not get the proper help then they may die. These people impact the overall health of our community because they may be spreading COVID-19 to others who may also die of it. I am requesting immediate and strict action because lives are currently in danger.

Very respectfully,

Amita, resident of Prem Vihar Colony, Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh


Hello Municipal Commisioner,

My name is Balraj from Ferozabad, Gujarat. I am writing to you because I live near a landfill site with growing unsanitary conditions. These conditions have caused many diseases and inconviniences due to poor hygeine to residents. I am asking you to please organize a cleanliness drive. I understand if you are not able to do anything about this problem but if you are able to, please get back to me about any information I should know.

Very respectfully,

Balraj from Ferozabad, Gujarat


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