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Change the voice.the gardener is watering the plants​

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Sentence -

The gardener is watering the plants.

Into Passive voice -

The plants are being watered by the gardener.

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In English language there are 2 types voices those are -

1. Active voice

2. Passive voice

Explanation !!

Active voice -

The verb is in active voice when it's form shows that the person or anything is denoted by the subject does something or is the doer of the active.

For eg :-

1] She booked a table.

2] He is delivering a speech.

Passive voice -

A verb in passive voice when it's form shows that something is done to that person or anything denoted by the subject.

For eg :-

1] A table has been booked by her.

2] A speech is being delivered by him.

Structure -

1. Active voice - Subject + verb + object

2. Passive voice - object + verb + subject


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