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Will / won t1 Jack (develop)_________diabetes soon2. I (teach)____________calculus tomorrow.3. I think Peter (win)______________the chess match tonight.4. Ann (run)____________a lot of errands this week,5. I (do)_______________the ironing later.Sandra (Gun)____________in the marathon next year.We (stay)at home in Spring break.8. Alice expects (cook)___________chicken in ten minutes9. I'm sure they (understand)_________You.10. Your parents (go)____________to Los Cabos.​

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will / won t

1 Jack (develop)_________diabetes soon

2. I (teach)____________calculus tomorrow.

3. I think Peter (win)______________the chess match tonight.

4. Ann (run)____________a lot of errands this week,

5. I (do)_______________the ironing later.

Sandra (Gun)____________in the marathon next year.

We (stay)

at home in Spring break.

8. Alice expects (cook)___________chicken in ten minutes

9. I'm sure they (understand)_________You.

10. Your parents (go)____________to Los Cabos.

lo haré / no lo hará

1 Jack (desarrolla) _________ diabetes pronto

2. Yo (enseño) cálculo ____________ mañana.

3. Creo que Peter (gana) ______________ la partida de ajedrez de esta noche.

4. Ann (corre) ____________ muchos recados

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