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What was the main hair style of the 1920's jazz age? what made the women of the 1920's jazz age cut there hair? |

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For women, the bob cut was the most predominant hairstyle of the Jazz Age.  Immortalized in many works but most noticeably in Fitzgerald's "Bernice Bobs Her Hair," the style was a cut that was associated with freedom, women being able to be more sexually seductive, and a more daring view of women than previously articulated.  Prominent celebrities such as Coco Chanel and Clara Bow made the bob even more famous.  Most of the "flappers," or socialites, of the time period wore the bob cut.  Given the mass consumer nature of culture in the 1920s, the bob cut was one of the first examples of a fad or fashion becoming "the rage," and something that "everyone had to have," contributing to its overall fame.

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