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Join these sentences using suitable conjunctions.1. Ria walks to the bus stop every morning Ria goes to school by the schoolbus.2. Sunny remembered my amiversary. He bought me a gift.3. My sister is very creative. She writes very well.4. The computer stopped working It was old.5. You must write well. You want to win the competition.6. Winters have set in Tourists keep coming in large numbers.7. Mr Jain is very rich. He is very down to carth.8. Petrol prices will increase from tomorrow. There is a huge line at the filling stations today9. Ria's pencils were expensive. She gave them to Meera.10. It was raining We did not go for our swiruming classes.plz do answer it​

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  1. and
  2. so
  3. so
  4. as
  5. because
  6. so
  7. but
  8. so
  9. but
  10. so
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