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Kenneth Kenneth May 21, 2022

Many developed countries have deindustrialized and are transitioning to a postindustrial economy. A. Identify and describe the economic sector that becomes dominant when a country deindustrializes and restructures from an industrial to a postindustrial economy. B. Describe TWO ways countries transitioning to a postindustrial economy utilize the international division of labor. C. Describe ONE way in which the roles of women in the paid labor force of developed countries change as a result of the transition to a postindustrial economy. D. Describe TWO ways in which brownfields can be redeveloped in postindustrial cities.

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In the post industrial economy,

A. the economic sector that is dominant when the country deindustrializes is the Tertiary industry:

  • quaternary and quinary
  • service job

Some of the jobs here require the tertiary form of education.

b. Two ways that countries transition to postindustrial economy are:

  • They make use of countries that have little government regulations and minimal taxes.
  • They use countries where trade unions are non existent.

c. A way that the roles of women get to change is through the reduction in the pay gap that exists between genders. Pay can also be raised for females.

d. Brownfields can be redeveloped in the following ways in the post industrial cities:

  • Recreational means: sports and entertainments.
  • Agriculture: Creation of urban farms and gardens.

What is a post industrial economy?

This is an economy that is said to have advanced from the manufacturing era into an era of production of services.

Read more on post industrial economy here:

Skajlar Skajlar
May 21, 2022
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