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Dear Auntie May and Uncle Joe,Greetings from Capri, Italy. I'm staying at a hotelnear the sea. We're having a fantastic time here.The weather's lovely. It's warm and the sun is shining.The hotel is great. It's got a huge swimming pool.I'm sunbathing now with Alex and Dad. Mum andConnie are shopping for souvenirs at the moment.Tomorrow we're going to Naples. I can't wait. We'reall having lots of fun See you soon.FredWhere is Fred?New YorkBahamiCapriNaplesWhere is Fred staying?in the centre near the seaat a campat homeHow's the weather?hot and cloudy foggy and wet hot and stormy warm and sunnyThe swimming pool is...very bigvery smallvery dirtynot there​

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1.- Where is Fred?


2.- Where is he staying?

At a hotel

3.- Hows the weather?

Warm and sunny

4.- The swimming pool is...

Very big

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