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27. Read the passage and answer the question which follow.5x1=5Games are a means of keeping the body healthy and fit. Physical fitness and freedom from all kindsof allments are the desire and ambition of every human being Indeed, good health is the first conditionof happiness in life. Those who play games generally maintain good health. Games are an excellentmeans of bodily exercise/Whether it is sophisticated games like hockey, football and tennis or simplegame like kabaddi they all provide the much needed exercise to the body and thus keep the bodyhealthy and strong. Players always have a better appetite and a better digestion than those who play nogames or take no exercise. Games not only make the body healthy and strong, they also make itmuscular.Answer the following0II)III)IV)VWhat are games?What are the desire And ambition of every human being?Which are the sophisticated games mentioned in the passage?What is the difference between those who play games and those who don't play gamesWrite the suitable title for this passage4‚Äč

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a)games are means of keeping the body healthy and fit.

b)the desire and ambitious of every human being indeed, good health is the first conditions.

c)it is sophisticated game like hockey football or tennis

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