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What are some guidelines to write a 10-page play review in drama ? I know the elements that need to be included; I just NEED guidelines on how to put... |

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(I’m assuming you don’t mean a performance review – if you do, you must rephrase your question.) The review needs structure – you are taking the reader through the script in some organized way.  After stating the title, playwright, and genre (tragedy, comedy, farce, musical, etc.), begin by setting the scene: starting with the mise-en-scene provides a background against which to put the character development, plot movement, and themes.  Your description of the mise-en-scene should include the time period, then the geographic location, then the local environment, then the economic or political status of the main action, then the time of year, and perhaps the time of day if important. Next, as a bridge to the characters, describe the protagonist’s relation to the mise-en-scene – a stranger? A visitor? A prisoner? etc.  Then list the active characters (the ones that change as the drama unfolds), giving at least one identifying personality characteristic for each).  Then sketch out the exposition, development, complication, etc. of the dramatic plot.  Finally, add at least one paragraph of theme analysis, wherein you articulate the drama’s raison d’etre, its abstract world of ideas.  With ten pages to work with, you should have plenty to say.  Avoid dwelling on subplots or precipitating actions or minor characters who are in the play only to facilitate the action or add believability to the mise-en-scene (servants, tradesmen, etc.).  of course, start with a good thesis statement, and end with a summary that gives closure to your review; if the teacher allows it, you may make a judgement call -- good, boring, confusing, enlightening, etc.

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