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Who was an African American woman one who started civil rights movement in 1995​

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63 cents Marcussen Ejvind

Rosa Parks.

While White women during this period of time were looking for more areas of work outside the home, Black women during the civil rights movement often desired the opposite. African American women were from the beginning pushed into the American workforce, working outside the home and away from their families. African American women often desired the opportunity to work more domestic jobs in both their homes and near them, because with both mother and father working hard in the workforce, it was difficult for families to interact or engage in activities similar to the leisurely comforts that White families experienced. Because Black women were forced into these opportunities, “the Black woman has not, in general, had the luxury of viewing herself as oppressed from the standpoint of being female.”[1] Because of this, the accomplishments of these women should be appreciated through both a feminist, and anti-racism point of view.

Marcussen Ejvind
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