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EssayВ. Power of Press and Media[powerful medium of communication -uses-mlsuses- your opinion)OR​

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The press is a great power to be recokoned with. As such the newspapers play a vital role in our life. They have become a first interest in the morning for the majority of educated people all over the world. The educated people would prefer to miss their morning tea or breakfast to reading of a newspaper. The newspapers give them latest news from home and abroad. They bring the whole world at their doorsteps. A newspaper is the cheapest, the most popular and the easiest means of information and knowledge. A newspaper is virtually an encyclopedia of day-to-day information. That is why newspapers are so popular. We cannot think of our life without newspapers.

In recent times there has been great expansion of the press in India. There are over 4000 daily newspapers being published in Hindi, English and the regional languages. There are over 20,000 periodicals—weeklies, bi-weeklies, fortnight-lies, monthlies, etc. They form a vital link between the public and the government. On current problems and issues of national importance there are editorials, leading articles and comments. These educate the, public about them. They guide, mould and also reflect the public opinion. The readers publish their grievances, opinions and comments on sensitive and vital issues through the press. It helps the government and administration to know the mind and the mood of the public at large.

The newspapers educate people, bring about desired social changes and generate public awareness about many problems. They have helped in producing environmental consciousness among the people, in the removal of untouchability, casteism and communal narrowness. They create a favourable atmosphere for family planning, abolition of evils of dowry, child-marriage, etc. During national crisis they help increase in public morale and boost unity and integrity. They make the readers conscious both of their rights and duties and disseminate knowledge.

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