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What is the author's purpose of starting the story with this verbalexchange?A)He wants the reader to wonder about the setting.B)He wants the reader to question the charactersmotivations0He wants to confuse the reader as to what is reallygoing on in the storyD)He wants the reader to take interest in the island thecharacters are discussing

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an inference can be understood as a conclusion to which a person is able to get based on reasoning. it is the same as a deduction, a guess, an assumption.   in the sentence presented, the conjunction "but" gives the readers an idea of contrast, and, therefore, allows them to induce that despite the opponent's characteristics, andrea had something different that made her win.

Aindependent clause should follow the dependent clause

the correct answer is b. in order to explain a point clearly in an essay, it is always better to include a clear example of your ideas. including an scenario in which a family is affected by consumerism will support your argument as well as supporting details, such as quotations from experts and statistics. option a could be correct, but statistics and quotations are supporting ideas rather than clear explanations. choices c and d are simply inadequate. they do not add information about the effects of consumerism, rather they are strategies for engaging the reader

connections  to the  book night by elie wiesel.   elie wiesel  is a holocaust survivor. as a young, jewish boy he was taken from his home with his family by the nazis. he was taken because he is jewish.

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