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You are Rajini/ Ram, you received a call for your brother-Ravifrom his friend Sachin. Ravi has gone to the market.Sachin wantsyou to convey the message to Ravi that they are going to the RoseGarden to see the Rose festival.He wants Ravi to be available atmain gate at 5pm .Draft the message plz Decideto write this message writing

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Akash Public School


20 July 2019

The Editor,

The Hindu



Subject: The harmful effects of tourism on Corbett National Park

Through the columns of your esteemed daily, I would like to draw the attention of the

concerned authority to the rampant abuse of available facilities in the Corbett National Park by

tourists and the consequent endangerment to the environment.

The tourists not only litter the place with non-biodegradable plastic packets and wrappers, but

also use wood from the forests for cooking purposes. Excessive trampling of the soil has been

reported to have a harmful effect on the natural ecosystem. The tranquillity of the habitat, which

is so crucial to the resident fauna, is habitually disturbed by tourists playing loud music in their

safari jeeps and during their camps.

The Corbett National Park is the oldest in the country, established in 1936, to protect the

endangered Bengal tiger. The public should be made aware of the fact that eco-tourism should

not be facilitated at the cost of harming the environment. It is my request that this issue be

immediately taken up by your esteemed publication to generate further awareness.

Yours sincerely,



Environment Club

Di Lorenzo
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