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Dave Williams Dave Williams Mar 14, 2021

Ejemplo de una historia de un viaje corto en ingles

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After an endless journey, on Thursday, August 6, again arrived at Ipiales. The ide was immediately leave for Quito, Ecuador, but fatigue was too much, the trip had been very heavy and, although Alejandra wanted to, I convinced her to rest all that remained of that day. Little to say that day, unless rested and was very cold. What if I want to mention, remembering our departure from Colombia is by far, the most beautiful country we have been. I realize that the end of the trip in Colombia was not so good (especially Bogotá), in many cases it was bad. However, the memory I have is that of the places, people, climate, environment, joy, everything that Colombia has to offer. However, beyond all these problems, the memory of culture, coffee, unforgettable, is, curves, the tray paisa, beaches, accent, people, the weather, everything. Everything that makes one want to return to Colombia, and succumb to the latent risk of wanting to stay. Forever. We will be back!

Destiny Destiny
Mar 14, 2021
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