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An AM transmitter radiates 9 kW of power whenthe carrieris unmodulated and 10.125 kWwhen the carrier is sinusoidally modulated. Find the modulation index, percentage ofmodulation. Now, if another sine wave, corresponding to 40 percent modulation is transmittedsimultaneously, then calculate the total radiated power.

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  • \huge\pink{\mid{\fbox{\tt(answer)}\mid}}6.4 gm SO2 changes from 300 K, 1 atm to 16 atm reversibly adiabaticaly, then find out (1) final temperature, (2)work done in calary (gyama=4/3)Potential energy is energy stored in an object. This energy has the potential to do work. Gravity gives potential energy to an object. This potential energy is a result of gravity pulling downwards. The gravitational constant, g, is the acceleration of an object due to gravity. This acceleration is about 10 meters per second on earth. The formula for potential energy due to gravity is PE = mgh. As the object gets closer to the ground, its potential energy decreases while its kinetic energy increases.
  • In this case, a body of mass 5 kg kept at a height of 10 m. So the potential energy is given as 5 * 10 *10 = 500 J.
  • Hence, the potential energy of a body of mass 5 kg kept at a height of 10 m is 500 J.
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Dec 12, 2020
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