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Hannele Hannele Dec 10, 2020

Pls write a short on the following pictures

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                              ' Hungry Donkey and Horse '

One day a hungry donkey were roaming in the forest for food. Same day horse was also hungry he was also roaming here and there for food. Below the apple tree they both meet each other. "I am so hungry" said donkey to horse. "I am also hungry" said horse to donkey. Then after some time horse has saw a apple tree. "But apple tree is so heighted, how can we plug apple from apple tree" said donkey to horse. After to much thinking horse got a idea. "Idea" horse said to donkey. "What is the idea" donkey said to horse. "We will make see saw here, you will be on one side and I will be on other side then first you will jump i will bounce from it and I will try to plug apple" said horse to donkey. "Awesome Idea Horse" said donkey to horse. "Ok Let's try" said horse to donkey. After they made see saw they try this Idea first time but it was unsuccessful in first time. But they don't get nervous they try try and got success in there plan.

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stern stern
Dec 10, 2020
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