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How many grams is in one decigram

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One decigram = 0.1 gram

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1 gram is 10 decigrams so 200 divided by 10 is 20 and 100 plus 20 is 120 and 120 multiplied by 10 is 1,200 so it now weighs 1,200 decigrams1,200 decigrams. 100 grams + 200 decigrams = 1200 grams. :)15800. because if 1 gram is 10 decigrams than 100 centigrams are 1 gram because it's basically multiplying by ten every time you move down in measurement with a gram. I multiplied this number 15.8 by 1000 because 1 gram is 1000 times higher than a milligram.

Option (b) is the correct answer.

It is known that in 1 decigram there are 0.1 grams.

Mathematically,         1 decigram = 0.1 gram

Therefore, number of grams present in 1.3 decigrams will be calculated as follows.


                  = 0.13 grams

This means that 1.3 decigrams actually equals to 0.13 grams.

Thus, we can conclude that there are 0.13 grams in 1.3 decigrams.

The answer is 0.13 grams.There are approximately 10 decigrams per each gram, so that means in 100 grams there are exactly 1,000 decigrams. I came to the conclusion that the hamster weighs 1,000 decigrams, and if the hamster eats all 200 decigrams he will weigh approximately 1200 decigrams.
Sergeev Maksim
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