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18. 10+ 2 + 1/10 + 2/100 =(a) 12.12112.21(C) 11.11(d) 21.12​

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Take a quick look at the question.

Develop a general idea regarding the theme of the problem.

Select the data that is giving you some concrete information out of total information given. Also, select the data which helps in ruling out certain possibilities.

Useful secondary information: Generally, the first few sentences of the given data give you the basic information that is required to know the general idea of the problem. This is called the ‘useful secondary information’.

Actual information: Data left after putting aside the useful secondary information is called actual information. While trying to solve the problem, you should begin with the actual information while the useful secondary information should be kept in mind.

Negative Information: Some parts of the actual information may consist of negative information. Negative information does not inform us anything exactly but it gives us a chance to eliminate a possibility. Sentences like “P is not the mother of Q” or “B is not a hill-station” are called negative information.

Points to remember while solving Logical Puzzles:

Firstly, collect all the direct information.

Arrange the direct information in a tabular format.

Then identify all the negative information and mark it in your table according to the given data.

Other facts can be found from the indirect information.

The most important point is that in some condition/s, there will be more than one possibility.

So, according to possibilities arrange them in different tables.

Reject all the tables which violate other information given in puzzle.

By following this process, you will reach at the correct answer.

Most Puzzles are tricky. So, take care of every word and sentence.

Solved Example

Example: Read the given information carefully and answer the questions that follow:

Five friends Ami,Bimi, Cal, Dan and Eco travelled from Darjeeling to five different countries US,UK,China,Canada,Russia by 5 different modes of transport: Cycle,Rocket,Time Machine ,Yacht, and Bike.

The one who travelled to China did not travel by Bike.

Cal went to Canada by Yacht and Bimi went to UK by Time Machine.

Dan travelled by Bike and Eco travelled by Rocket.

Darjeeling is not connected by Cycle to US and China.

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