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What was the one thing Tom Walker refused to do for money and what was one sign of his stingy nature ? The devil and Tom Walker |

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362 cents

Tom Walker refused to be a slave trader.  The devil insisted that the money he gave to Tom be put to use in some nefarious business, i.e., something that reflected low values. The devil suggested to Tom that Tom become a slave trader but Tom said that even though he was of low moral standing, even he did not have the ultra low value of human life as does a slave trader so he refused to enter into that business.  There were many signs of Tom's stinginess, but perhaps the greatest signs were those connected to his dealings with his wife. At first he didn't want to tell her about his bargain with the devil for fear she would make him share with her any gains he made.  When he does tell her and then refuses to finish the deal, she goes to make her own deal.  When all that is found of her is her apron with a heart and a liver tied up in it, Tom's chief regret is not that his wife most likely met with a terrible death, but that she took some household valuables with her.

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