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Passive : By whom was the pensEXERCISE 11Change the following sentences into the Passive Voice1. Who broke the window ?2. Why did you kill it?3. Why did you not finish your work?4. What does he do there?5. Shall I ever forget those happy days?6. Who broke this chair?7. Was he singing a song yesterday?8. How will you break it?9. Have you read the Ram Charit Manas?10. Can you solve this problem?11Uhh​

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Force: a push or a pull on an object is called force. Force may impart motion to an object.

•  it is applied on an object in the same direction add to one another.

•  Magnitude: the strength of a force is usually expressed by its magnitude

•  State of motion: The state of motion of an object is described by its speed and the direction of motion.

•  Muscular Force: The force resulting due to the action of muscles is known as the muscular force.

•  Contact Force: The force which is applied when it is in the contact with the object.

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