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nod nod May 21, 2022

A cloud directly above you is about 10° across. From the weather report, you know that the cloud is at an altitude of 2200 m. How wide is the cloud?

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The width of the cloud is about 12479 m wide.

To be able to solve this question, we need to understand the concept of trigonometry.

What is Trigonometry?

In mathematical concepts, trigonometry is a field that relates to angles and sides of a triangle and it uses the trigonometric functions to provide a solution to it.

Using the tangential trigonometry method to solve this question:

\mathbf{tan \\theta = \dfrac{opposite}{adjacent}}


  • θ = 10°
  • opposite side = altitude = 2200 m
  • adjacent = x(width of the cloud)


\mathbf{tan \10 = \dfrac{2200}{adjacent}}

\mathbf{ adjacent= \dfrac{2200}{tan \10}}

\mathbf{adjacent = \dfrac{2200}{0.1763}}

\mathbf{adjacent = 12478.72 \ m } ≅ 12479 m

Therefore, we can conclude that the width of the cloud is 12479 m.

Learn more about trigonometry here:

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May 21, 2022
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