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What are the virtues of Andrew Jackson? Pay special attention to his strong leadership both before and during his presidency. Use specific... |

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I would say Jackson's main virtues were his decisiveness and his instinct for (as president) the needs/wants of the "common man."

Jackson's decisiveness can be seen especially in his actions during the First Seminole War in 1817.  In this action, his orders were to fight Indians and to prevent Florida (then owned by Spain) from becoming a haven for runaway slaves.  Jackson, on his own initiative, took Florida from Spain.  This action helped the US get Florida.

As president, Jackson showed his affinity for the common people perhaps most clearly in his destruction of the Bank of the United States.

While these can be seen as virtues, many also saw them as vices and a political party (the Whigs) sprang up mainly in opposition to Jackson.

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