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The Tailor’s Dharma meaning behind the story?

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can you attach the answer options

so they can differentiate themselves from others as they saw themselves as the superior race. the star was basically a symbol that meant you are a less of a person than i am because of my race. the star was also degrading for those who had to wear it because they were aware of this and the nazis used the notion to make them feel less like a person.

the correct answer is d. a christian revivalist movement in the u.s. during the early 19th century

explanation:the second great awakening was lead by the preachers of baptist and methodist congregations in order to gain support for the protestant religion from the 1790's to 1840's

soviet influence spread across eastern europe sharply during and after wwii. the soviet armies liberated the countries in eastern europe and occupied them from the germans as they were forced to retreat towards germany.

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