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SCHOOLS DIVISION OFFICE I PANGASI BASISTA NATIONAL HIGH SCHOOL A. PEREZ ST., POBLACION, BASISTA, PANGA ves mi Questions: 1. Who do you think stole the hopia? 2. What words did the author use to show that they were looking forward to eat the hopia 3. Where else could the author have looked for clues? 4. What could have happened after the thief was caught?​

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Based on the storyline, the correct answers are given thus:

  • 1. B. Happy
  • 2. Happy loves to eat hopia
  • 3. Pronouns
  • 4. The thief could have been punished


  • This is an e-book written by Lloyd Cadena. The book was published in 2015. Hopia is the story of a girl whose love life is broken. It is good story that tackles everything about her love life since she was a child up until she’s in college.

In conclusion, we can conclude that the correct answers are as given above

Learn more about Hopia here:

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