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Activity1. Write the sentences in simple and progresive tenses form:· He is digging a hole.Present Simple: ______________________________________Past Simple: _________________________________________Progressive Present: __________________________________Progressive Past: _____________________________________· You listen to your teacher.Present Simple: ______________________________________Past Simple: _________________________________________Progressive Present: __________________________________Progressive Past: _____________________________________· I dont go to play piano.Present Simple: ______________________________________Past Simple: _________________________________________Progressive Present: __________________________________Progressive Past: _____________________________________· She jumped the rope.Present Simple: ______________________________________Past Simple: _________________________________________Progressive Present: __________________________________Progressive Past: _____________________________________· We didnt travel to Canada.Present Simple: ______________________________________Past Simple: _________________________________________Progressive Present: __________________________________Progressive Past: _____________________________________· Kelly and Juliana are teaching in the school.Present Simple: ______________________________________Past Simple: _________________________________________Progressive Present: __________________________________Progressive Past: _____________________________________· My dog Fight with the cat.Present Simple: ______________________________________Past Simple: _________________________________________Progressive Present: __________________________________Progressive Past: _____________________________________

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1. Present simple: He digs a hole

  Past simple: He dug a hole

  Progressive present: He is digging a hole

  Progressive past: He was digging a hole

2. Present simple: You listen to your teacher

  Past simple: You listened to your teacher

  Progressive present: You are listening to your teacher

  Progressive past: You were listening to your teacher

3. Present simple: I don't go to play piano

  Past simple: I didn't go to play piano

  Progressive present: I'm not going to play piano

  Progressive past: I wasn't going to play piano

4. Present simple: She jumps the rope

  Past simple: She jumped the rope

  Progressive present: She is jumping the rope

  Progressive past: She was jumping the rope

5. Present simple: We don't travel to Canada

  Past simple: We didn't travel to Canada

  Progressive present: We aren't travelling to Canada

  Progressive past: We weren't travelling to Canada

6. Present simple: Kelly and Juliana teach in the school

  Past simple: Kelly and Juliana teached in the school

  Progressive present: Kelly and Juliana are teaching in the school

  Progressive past: Kelly and Juliana were teaching in the school

7. Present simple: My dog fights with the cat

  Past simple: My dog fought with the cat

  Progressive present: My dog is fighting with the cat

  Progressive past: My dog was fighting with the cat

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