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You draw two cards from a standard deck of 52 cards without replacement. Please Counton whether the drawing of the cards is independent or dependent events. Explain.

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it's d.

because:-1(4x + 1y) +2 (1x-3y) distribute each number into the parenthesis.

then you would get:-4x - 1y + 2x -6y combine like terms

and get:2x -7y

hope my answer hasyou if not then i'm sorry.

a reaction is first order. if the initial reactant concentration is 0.0200 m, and 25.0 days later the concentration is 6.25 x 10-4 m, then its half-life is:


i'm 75% sure the answer is 1,1 to both lines.

have a great day

ruth is 6 years old

6 + 24 = 30,   so 6/30 = .2  

if you do 1/5 it also equals .2, so that is the answer.

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