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how to write a formal letter to the news paper editor discuss bad condition of roads in your locality?

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Philip Roy  

15, Defence Colony

New Delhi(any  address)

18th August 2019


The Editor

The Times of India  

New Delhi

Dear Sir

Subject - Deplorable condition of the road.

Through the esteemed columns of your newspaper, I wish to highlight the bad condition of roads in my locality.  

The condition of the road is pitiful with countless potholes. Moreover, things get even worse during the rainy season when the potholes are not visible due to the poor drainage system and the area becomes accident prone.  The water gets stagnated on the road which has become the root cause of diseases like dengue and malaria in the area. The residents are facing a lot of inconvenience.  Due to this, a lot of accidents are taking place as well.

I will be extremely thankful if the concerned authorities take immediate action to improve the condition of the road so that no one else faces any problem while moving on the road. I will be highly grateful to you.

Thanking You.  

Yours truly

Philip Roy

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