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Igor Igor Jan 15, 2021

असाइनमेंट आज लेट मींस यात्रा गए थे वेदिक लाइन विविध से सचिव एवं सीजीसी असली मिसरेबल डिविजन डिस्टिक​

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10 Things You Must Know When Launching A New Product

Louis White



The idea is sound, the product has been tested and you’re confident with your focus group research that consumers are ready. So, what is the best way to launch your new product? This is a very good question and one that the serial entrepreneur right through to multi-billion dollar, multi-national companies get wrong. What is the secret to new product success? While it is different for every product, here are some basic tips for getting your product launch right.

1. Timing

Timing is everything for a product launch. There are certain times and days to avoid such as Christmas or New Year’s Eve for example, but perhaps more relevant is to look at both the macro and micro-economic factors around your industry and the broader market before launching.

2. Price

Many a product has failed because the pricing strategy has been wrong. Whether you want to be a luxury product or you are launching a product priced slightly below your competitor’s, make sure you undertake thorough research to ensure consumers will be willing to pay the price you are asking.

Margaret Olson Margaret Olson
Jan 15, 2021
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