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Kim Kim Feb 1, 2021

Write a report to municipal commissioner to renovate the rewards in your lane​

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The Municipal Commissioner,


Subject: Complaint against the poor condition of the road.

Respected Madam/Sir, 

I, , am a resident of this city. I want to bring your kind attention to the poor condition of roads in Anand Nagar area. We faced heavy and prolonged rains this time and as a result, the roads have turned into a mesh of potholes. Needless to say, the divider and side markings have faded too.

This is the main road which connects different busy roads. Thus, in order to travel safely through this path, people drive slowly. This not only causes them to reach their destination late, especially office or school but also lowers the overall pace of traffic. This adds to the agitation of people who have to reach their destination within the specified time. Moreover, this damages one's physical health travelling through this poor road. 

I had already filed a complaint against this to the local representative but he hasn't paid heed to it. So, I request you to kindly look into this serious issue and resolve it as soon as for the well-being of the citizens.

Thank you.

Yours sincerely, 

Drennon Creek Drennon Creek
Feb 1, 2021
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