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Essay: Writing what gratitude is

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Everyone has his own gratitude. Just need to remember those to whom she is experiencing. It is logical to start with those who will never pay for their gift. You already guessed, I’m talking about dad and mom. Thanks to them, you have this life. For the fact that they gave you life, brought up, dedicated you their time, love. Remember teachers and friends. Find something for which to thank them.

You can thank the authors of books and other works of art that left a mark on your soul. You can thank passers-by who went through your life and left a trail. You can thank your loved ones for lighting this fire in you. You can thank employers, for having provided an opportunity to fill your life with your own well-being.

You can thank the children for being able to know this love and to fill life with this meaning. You can thank the enemies for letting you know the taste of victories and defeats. And in the end, thank God for putting this feeling of gratitude into you.

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