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What was nailed to the toolshed door in "The Blues Ain't No Mockin Bird"? |

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188 cents

When the filmmakers and cameraman come to Granny Cain's house to film her life as part of a county documentary on the Food Stamps Program, Granddaddy Cain is away from hunting chicken hawks. Granny tells the filmmakers and cameraman to leave, but they only step further away.

When Granddaddy Cain comes home, he is carrying a dead chicken hawk over his shoulder. It is the chicken hawk that Granddaddy Cain nails to the door of the toolshed so it can drain to be prepared for eating. The chicken hawk's mate has followed Granddaddy home and is swooping and trying to attack Granddaddy, who throws the hammer he had been using at the swooping hawk.

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