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Fede Fede Jan 19, 2021

how many lateral roots will be formed from a root having six xylem bundles name the part of the root that produces lateral root in the plants​

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ateral roots, emerging from the pericycle (meristematic tissue), extend horizontally from the primary root (radicle) and overtime makeup the iconic branching pattern of root systems.[1] They contribute to anchoring the plant securely into the soil, increasing water uptake, and facilitates the extraction of nutrients required for the growth and development of the plant.[2] Lateral roots increase the surface area of a plant's root system and can be found in great abundance in several plant species.[1] In some cases, lateral roots have been found to form symbiotic relationships with rhizobia (bacteria) and mycorrhizae (fungi) found in the soil, to further increase surface area and increase nutrient uptake.[1]

Vallejo Vallejo
Jan 19, 2021
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