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1. American writer, Tales of a Fourth-Grade Nothing, 30 novels

2. "Blume's Many Awards"

3. It is explicit because it is directly stated in the paragraph

4. Blume is a gifted writer who can write for children as well as adults.

5. All it requires is a good pair of sneakers—no cables, stylish outfits, or weights required.

Question number, the last option is the correct one - American writer, Tales of a Fourth-Grade Nothing, 30 novels- because it answers the following questions: Who is she? What famous book? How many books? The other options only repeat information which can be reduced into one idea.  

The main idea is about Blumes’ many awards. No about her future, as It only states the present and past, no about how brilliant she is and no about all the books she has written during her 40 years of career as it only mentions how many books but no explicitly talks about each of these books.  

The idea as mentioned Is to talk a little about her work, so it is explicit as it is directly stated in the paragraph what wants to be communicated.  

No everyone is able to write for different answers, and in the paragraph it is mentioned that Blume is able to write for both audiences, although she is more famous among pre-teens (children under 13). It doesn’t mention anything about her preferences, an unusual career, or the fact that all of her 30 books have won an award for it to be the reason that she only publishes books that she expects will win an award.  

Finally, the last question talks about walking and its benefits for people starting to exercise, the line which has a dash, is unnecessary and distracts the reader of the main idea as, it gives you “extra information” (that’s why the use of dashes to break meaning or pause).  

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For question 1 I would say American writer, Tales of a Fourth-Grade Nothing, 30 novels.

This just makes the most sense.

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