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Wanda Carroll Wanda Carroll Dec 10, 2020

Complete the dialogue :student : Good morning madam.--------------?teacher : Yes . Get in. -------------?student : It is the bus which makes me late.teacher : ----------------------------------------?student : I always leave home at eight madam.teacher ; -----------------------------------------------?student : I get up at 6.00 a.m.teacher : ----------------------------------------?student : Thank you so much for your good advice. Can I sit now madam? DecideME WITH THIS WITHOUT GRAMMATICAL MISTAKES....

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may I come in

Have a seat

Why you always make excuses for coming late to school don't you get enough sleep or leave home early

at what time you wake up daily

after waking up you should wash ur face so you won't feel sleepy and you will start you day

ye blanks me fill Kar do bro

shame shame
Dec 10, 2020
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