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Norman Moore

why \: do \: we \: need \:laws \: in \: the \: society

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Importance of law in society

For a society to run smoothly and without any problems and riots, it needs the main order. Some rules and regulations need to be set to maintain justice and equality in society. If we look in history, countless wars and battles have been there among the human races due to the difference. They had in their beliefs, caste, and creeds. Many of the wars would have been not been there. If the people chose to talk peacefully and set up rules to live in harmony with each other.

In the century, we had two world wars where there were casualties and losses on both sides. The conclusion was differences will always be there and we cannot force anyone to follow what we believe in. Slowly, we learned that we should learn to tolerate one another. Now, we have proper law in our society which tells us how to interact with people within it. It accommodates people with different culture, background, and ethnicity and tells to live in harmony with each other.

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