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Sofiya Sofiya Jan 17, 2021

सिंगल फोटो तो ढंग से लदी कार पाडलीय नरेश रफी के​

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Stem cells are special cells with the amazing ability to transform into any tissue or organ in the body. With the potential to cure 80 approved life threatening diseases, your baby's preserved stem cells may provide numerous benefits to the baby, its siblings and the family.

Cord Blood Banking And More!

There are multiple cord blood banks in India that claim to preserve your baby's stem cells, but they only offer umbilical cord blood banking and cord tissue banking, whereas, we have the ability to bank stem cells from up to 10 different sources, including Umbilical Cord, Cord Blood, Amniotic Sac, Amniotic Fluid & Placenta. In fact, we are the only company in India, to offer the option to preserve stem cells from the Placenta, Amniotic Sac and Amniotic Fluid - which are regarded as the richest sources of stem cells - in terms of both, quantity and quality!

Bank With The Best!

Looking for the best stem cell bank in India? Here are a few reason why you should consider banking with us:

Why bank with us?

Stem Cell Banking from 10 different sources.

The only bank to offer stem cell banking from the Placenta, Amniotic Sac and Amniotic Fluid.

Tie-up with hospitals all over India.

Stem cells processed and preserved according to strict international standards.

Get in touch with us today!

What is stem cell banking? How do you bank your baby's cord? Need more information on stem cells? Whatever your questions are, we are happy to help! Please fill in the form or call us on our toll free number and ask for a Free Presentation today!

Stevens Stevens
Jan 17, 2021
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